During the 2022-23 school year, the Wickliffe PTO worked with Principal Angela Evans to explore playground design options and firms, to convene a Parent Core Team for the project and to engage a Teacher and Staff Playground Team (jointly referred to as “The Wickliffe Woods Core Team”).  Learning Landscapes Designs was selected as our design partner given their focus on unique playgrounds that integrate nature and STEM and which focus on universal accessibility.  Learning Landscapes places emphasis on involving students centrally in the design process—a core value of progressive education and Wickliffe.

In Spring 2023, Learning Landscapes spent 3 days at Wickliffe, meeting with students, observing play during recess, exploring current spaces, engaging with the Wickliffe Woods Core Team, meeting with teachers and staff, as well as hosting community sessions and meetings focused on accessibility. From these meetings, a conceptual design emerged that integrated feedback from students, school staff, parents, and the wider UA community.

The Wickliffe Woods Core Team is currently engaged with playground manufacturers to solidify playground equipment options within our budget. Once we have multiple cost estimates and construction plans in place, a second design day will take place. Wickliffe students will provide feedback on the plan options and will vote on their favorites. Design day feedback will be extended to the larger community with a web survey being used to share design options and to solicit feedback and voting.

Design Timeline

Fall 2022

Design firm research & outreach

December 2022

Playground interest survey & design firm engaged

January 2023

Full Day session with Wickliffe students, staff & UA Community

Spring 2023

2 Day Sessions with Wickliffe students, staff & UA Community.

3 accessibility meetings, 3 team meetings, 2 rounds of feedback, Wickapalooza input

May 2023

Conceptual designs delivered

Summer 2023

UA Schools & local developer engaged in Loose Parts & Fort Area

August 2023

Isaac Foster-Lussier donates Eagle Scout Project

Oct/Nov 2023

Manufacturer outreach to solidify structures & budget

Fall 2023

Loose Parts & Fort Area build out (Phase 1a)

Spring 2024

Enhance boulder area with accessible swinging (Phase 1b) & spinning structures (Phase 1c)

Future Planning

Build new marquee structure/play space (Phase 2)

Future Planning

A farewell to the existing Castle structure and convert the space to a sports field/grassy play area (Phase 3)

Future Planning

Create outdoor classroom space and expand the Octopus Garden (Phase 4: 3-5 years in the future)

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