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Playground Highlights

  • $400,000-$500,000+ building investment for structures and surfaces.
  • Playground design meets multiple modality needs — space for all learners!
  • Playground will capitalize on benefits of nature-based play.
  • Playground infrastructure strengthens community and school engagement.
  • Improved areas provide accessibility, enrichment, and green space.

Project Timeline

  • Phase 1a: Create loose parts and fort play space in the area between the Castle and the blacktop (Fall 2023).
  • Phase 1b & 1c: Enhance boulder area with accessible swinging (Winter 2023) & spinning structures (Spring 2024).
  • Phase 2: Build new marquee structure/play space in the area to the west of the blacktop (conceptual image above).
  • Phase 3: A farewell to the existing Castle structure and convert the space to a sports field/grassy play area.
  • Phase 4: Create outdoor classroom space and expand the Octopus Garden (3-5 years in the future).
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